Classic Floating Candles - 4 hours, 8 hours & 12 hours

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These unscented floating candles are a charming addition to any event or space. They create a serene ambience, whether placed in a decorative bowl, a pool, or a pond and are versatile for various occasions like weddings, dinner parties, or simply to add a touch of relaxation to your home decor. 

Please kindly ensure that they're placed safely away from anything flammable and never leave them unattended while lit.

Available in 5 hours, 8 hours & 12 hours.

5 Hours Floating Candles:

  • Diameter 4.9cm x Height 3.6cm 
  • Comes in 16 Pcs per Box

8 Hours Floating Candles:

  • Diameter 5.5cm x Height 3.6cm 
  • Comes in 12 Pcs per Box

12 Hours Floating Candles:

  • Diameter 7cm x Height 3.6cm 
  • Comes in 10 Pcs per Box
  • Only available in cream colour



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