About Us


Founded in the 1950s, Sing Kong Whee has embarked on her journey of lighting up Singapore during its kampung days. Candles were essential and utmost important during those days, where electricity wasn’t much available. Started off as a necessity to the Muslim society during their prayer service, the Founder of the company thus created the brand, “Star & Moon” Candles - a logo very similar to the Muslim religious symbol.

The progression of Sing Kong Whee continues with the growth of Singapore. A family business built on traditional practices has honed the art of candle -making for the increasingly modernised clientele. We continue serving the ever-expanding hotel industry, event companies, as well as, spa and lifestyle services.




The evolution of our logo represents the past of Sing Kong Whee and symbolises our new beginning. Our new logo was rejuvenated with the vibrancy of modern art weaved with the everlasting elements - Star & Moon of Sing Kong Whee.

Candles have come a long way since their initial use. Although candles are no longer the main source of light, its popularity and use never cease. Today, candles symbolise celebration, mark romance, soothe the senses, define ceremony, and accent home decors — casting a lingering warm and lovely glow for all.




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